Tiered Seating Hire & Sales for London & The UK


Due to the versatility of the modular design features, the Alistage system readily lends itself to being used in tiered seating configurations. Benefits to the client include being able to have a tiered platform in the dimensions required rather than having to accept a fixed size available from other suppliers. In addition as the seats are not pre-fitted, establishments such as schools can benefit cost-wise from being able to make use of their own existing chairs when they have a need for a seated tiered viewing platform. We can of course supply a variety of different chairs to suit each occasion ourselves.

  • Each 2.44m x 1.22m (8' x 4') deck unit accommodates five seats and can be connected laterally ad infinitum.
  • The depth of each tier is 1.04m (3'5"), allowing ample space for traffic without disturbing a seated audience.
  • The system also lends itself for use as a choral or viewing platform when supplied without seating.
  • Each standard tier has a 200mm (8") rise (variations available), making for perfect audience viewing. Any number of 1220mm (4') wide gangways can be incorporated, as required by the size of the completed unit.
  • Guard rails are fitted around the periphery of the unit for safety.

In summation, it is the perfect answer to comfortable seated viewing for all venues, all occasions and events both indoors and outdoors.

We can cater for all of your Tiered Seating Hire & Sales requirements and we are ideally situated to to provide tiered seating sales and tiered seating hire within London and The Home Counties as well as the whole of the UK.




Festivals, Concerts, Exhibitions, Conferences, Theatres, TV Studio Work, Film Production, Schools and more.

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