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Access to domestic stairwells for decoration or renovation has always proven to be a problem. Standard single width tower equipment is generally too wide, and with a platform length of 6ft or more it is also too long for most applications. Even where a single width tower can be squeezed into place, it almost certainly will not allow access past the unit.

The normal solutions are less than ideal, staircase ladders, without working platforms, result in restricted access where it can be tempting to over-reach. Ad-hoc constructions involving scaffold boards suspended between sections of ladder propped against a wall, and a chair placed on a landing can too often prove to be extremely dangerous.

The Alistage Stairwell Unit has been designed to specifically answer this problem. Basically a narrow width, 4ft long, small enough to fit exactly where required, and in most applications, still allow access past the equipment.

The Advantages of the Alistage Stairwell Unit

  • Narrow Width, designed for use on domestic stairs.
  • Robust construction, made to survive the hire environment.
  • Few components, simple assembly.
  • Light in weight and compact for transportation.
  • Safe working load, one man plus hand tools, 175kg.
  • Basic unit can be extended in height with additional equipment
  • Guardrail frame available
  • Optional "walk on" platform for additional access.
  • Can also be used as a low level work platform or workbench.



Festivals, Concerts, Exhibitions, Conferences, Theatres, TV Studio Work, Film Production, Schools and more.

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