The Stage System


Alistage is more than just a stage deck it is a comprehensive and integrated system with possibly the widest range of accessories of any stage system available. All components are designed to " fit " together rather than appearing to be "bolt on afterthoughts ".

The list of converts to Alistage is growing daily with equipment regularly being used in television and film work, major exhibitions, radio road-shows, theatres, schools and all types of concerts ( both inside and outside ).

The range of equipment allows greater flexibility in set design without resorting to "specials" which can be both expensive and time consuming to make. The sheer range of equipment may appear daunting, but simply tell us what you want to do and we will work out exactly what is required. Various levels of service are available from dry hires to delivery and full erection, with instructions and layout sheets dedicated to each job as required, together with Method Statements, as recommended by the H.S.E.

  1. Portable, modular design.
  2. Large range of shapes and sizes available (approx. 75) including triangles and circles.
  3. Alternative stage decks available – “Perspex” and punched metal grid tops.
  4. Comprehensive range of ancillary equipment available including modular steps, integrated handrails and spiral steps.
  5. Various levelling legs available to accommodate uneven floors/ground.
  6. Low level stages can be levelled from above the stage.
  7. Stages joined by unique joining method – no nuts and bolts required.
  8. Can be tiered to give raked viewing platform, either with or without chairs.
  9. Legs quickly attached to stage by use of aluminium coupler fittings.
  10. Aluminium frame – self colour, does not require painting.
  11. Timber deck inset inside framework to protect edges.
  12. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  13. Many application uses: festivals, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, theatres, TV studio work, film production, schools etc.
  14. High weight loading - 8’ x 4’ (2.44m x 1.22m) unit tested to 10kn/m².
  15. Technical specifications available.
  1. Less than 4 inches deep (94mm) – cheaper storage and transport costs.
  2. Lighter than equivalent steel-framed systems
  3. Aluminium frame – will not rust.
  4. Low maintenance – plywood deck can simply be repainted as necessary.
  5. Quick assembly – no nuts and bolts required.


Festivals, Concerts, Exhibitions, Conferences, Theatres, TV Studio Work, Film Production, Schools and more.

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